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Collision Publishing, Inc

Collision Publishing, Inc is a US based company dedicated to providing information, research and training for those involved with accident reconstruction, traffic crash investigation and traffic safety. Our portfolio of products and services in the print publication Collision Magazine, the CDR User's Summit, the ARC-CSI Crash Conference and 

Collision Magazine 
Over the course of the last decade, Collision Magazine has become the preeminent crash reconstruction print publication providing subscribers with access to timely, reliable and fresh research, thought-provoking reconstruction related studies and meaningful crash test data from multiple sources.  A semi-annual publication, Collision Magazine serves crash reconstructionists from the government and private sectors internationally.

EDR Summit (New for 2017)

Collision Publishing is proud to bring you the annual EDR Summit. This Summit will focus on EDR research, collection and analysis for vehicle crash investigation. For the past 11 years, Collision Publishing has hosted the CDR Summit. Most noteworthy is this is the only conference in the United States dedicated to users of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool. Since EDR technology is growing at such a rapid pace, we are re-branding the “CDR Summit” to the “EDR Summit”. Thus, we are expanding the topics to include additional tools used in the collection of EDR data.

The EDR Summit will deliver the next step in advanced Event Data Recorder (EDRs) technology for vehicle crash analysis. Most importantly, this summit brings together industry experts from around the world to present on timely topics and case studies. The presentations will focus on EDR data found in light trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles and vehicle infotainment systems.

While most of the attendees are users of the Bosch CDR Tool, the EDR Summit is open anyone who has an interest in learning more about event data recorders and how they are used in vehicle safety and investigation. As a result, typical attendees of this Summit include law enforcement, insurance (SIU and claims), government, legal and collision reconstructionists. Therefore, if you are involved with the collection and/or analysis of EDR data from vehicle crashes or forensics you won’t want to miss the EDR Summit!

ARC-CSI Crash Conference
The ARC-CSI Crash Conference continues to set the standard for excellence in live, fully instrumented practical crash testing anywhere. Each year for the past 15+ years, the ARC-CSI Crash Team has conducted multiple, fully instrumented crash tests that have been the basis for valuable insight into how various crash scenarios occur and have become the basis for a wealth of information on vehicle systems and operations. Nothing compares to an opportunity to see live, full scale crash tests and then, hours later, get your hands on actual data, video, photos and other documentation of those tests to take back and improve your crash reconstruction job performance. Each and every attendee leaves the conference with a data DVD that includes all of the crash test data (including high resolution video, digital pictures, CDR data, drawing files, and more) and speaker Power Points. is a dynamically driven web site enabling information about experts involved in the collection and analysis of Event Data Recorder (EDR) data to be accessed and retrieved by those looking to retain their services. It's also positioned to be the number one resource for EDR information, research and training opportunities specific to EDR/CDR technology.

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